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Uniting For A Better Future


We believe that by connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries, we can unlock untapped potential and drive innovation and growth in our local economy. Our goals are multi-faceted, and we are committed to developing an environment that nurtures business growth and promotes sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.

   Building   Community 

In alignment with our mission to stimulate innovation and growth by connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries, we have set specific goals to further our impact. These goals serve as a roadmap for our actions, focusing on accessing untapped potential and ensuring a thriving local economy. With a multifaceted approach, our goals target various aspects of the business ecosystem, always prioritising sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. 


To achieve our goals, we offer a variety of services designed to support individuals with international backgrounds in their professional and social integration into the region:


Engaging Networking Events


Support for International Entrepreneurs:


Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion

From structured seminars and workshops to relaxed gatherings and networking sessions, our events are  meet the diverse needs and interests of our members. It's a place where  relationships are cultivated, and  a stepping stone to the next opportunity.

Navigating a new business landscape can be daunting for international entrepreneurs. Our network offers assistance, enabling people to integrate effectively into the local business community and form valuable connections that facilitate success.

In today's global marketplace, diversity is a strength. Our network is steadfast in promoting an inclusive and diverse local economy that welcomes and benefits from the unique contributions of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures.


Open Forum for Ideas

We foster an atmosphere where ideas and experiences can be shared without barriers. Through  discussions, insightful panels, or informal networking sessions, our members are exposed to fresh perspectives and insights that can catalyse new opportunities and solutions.


Tapping into Global Expertise

Focused on leveraging the region's international talent, our network provides a unique opportunity to introduce global skills, viewpoints, and expertise into the local business arena, granting our members a marked competitive edge.


Networking Hub

The Sunnmøre International Business Network serves as an essential meeting ground, linking local and global businesses, educational institutions, public-sector entities, and additional local resources

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sunnmøre International actively works towards UN

sustainability goal 10.2 in empowering and promote the social, economic and

political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin,

religion or economic or other status.

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Founded in 2020, the Sunnmøre International Business Network (SIBN) is a thriving community of individuals united by a global mindset. Whether you hail from an international background or are seeking to forge worldwide connections, our network is a hub of opportunity in the Sunnmøre region. As a non-profit, non-political organisation, we're dedicated to organising enriching events that nurture a world-ready business community.  At SIBN, we understand that establishing a local network is one of the most significant hurdles for those with international roots. Our mission is to bridge that gap, helping to create connections that unlock the immense potential of our region's international community. We're here to foster collaboration, facilitate integration, and enable every member to contribute their unique skills and talents to our local economy.​


​Sunnmøre International was founded by Natalia Øvstegård, Emma Blake and Punam Kumari, all of whom have international backgrounds and have integrated themselves into the Sunnmøre region's economic and social spheres. In their different roles, they have met many individuals from varied international backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, students, established professionals, and those seeking to enter the workforce. After hearing similar stories and experiences from these diverse individuals, the founders realised that there was a need for a dedicated network that could help them connect and support one another. As a result, they created SIBN, a platform where people with international backgrounds can come together, share their experiences, and help each other succeed in the region.​


From locals with a global mindset to newcomers calling Sunnmøre home, our community thrives on diverse connections. Whether you've just unpacked your bags or have deep roots here, we invite you to be a part of our network. Enrich your perspective, expand your connections, and sign up below to be a member of our ever-growing family.

We're committed to ensuring everyone can access our network's benefits, but to keep the momentum going and bring you exclusive events and gatherings, we have a nominal membership fee of 150 NOK. 

Your contribution goes a long way!

To make the payment, simply use VIPPS: #747678 SIBN.

SIBN Membership Form

We look forward to connecting with you!

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